Top 7 Solder Suction Tool of 2022

Bestseller No. 1
Desoldering Solder Sucker Aluminum Soldering Iron Suction Removal Tool
  • Strong suction helps remove the solder effectively and protects the PCB board
  • Quality aluminum alloy handle provides great durability
  • Just click the button switch to operate. Makes single-hand operation possible
  • Small and portable, easy to clean
Bestseller No. 2
Tabiger Solder Wick & Desoldering Pump, Solder Sucker & Desoldering Wick, 2pcs Solder Braid (2.5mm Width, 1.5m Length)- Desoldering Vacuum Pump Solder Remover
  • 【One-handed solder sucker with powerful suction 】 Whether you are right or left-handed, you can using the desoldering pump by just cocking it and pressing the trigger button with one hand when you are ready, the desoldering pump designed with double ring double open and "vacuum" button, which make the sucking power awesome.
  • 【Desoldering Wick with copper braid】 2pcs solder braid with the size 2.5mm Width, 1.5m Length, this desoldering wick has geometrically-precise weave with copper and rosin, work from the tip of the desoldering wick, once the desoldering wick and the solder has been heated, the solder braid can quickly absorbed molten solder and left a clean working area.
  • 【ABS body with non-slip sponge and Nylon nozzle desoldering pump】 The body of the desoldering vacuum pump is made of high quality ABS, which make the solder sucker delicate and durable, also the covered sponge can absorb sweat and heat, make it comfortable to hold, the nylon nozzle of the solder suck can endure high temperature, thus it can be used for a long time.
  • 【3-in-1 Solder Removal Tool】 1pcs desoldering vacuum pumps and 2pcs solder wicks, a must-have tool for electronics kit, the desoldering wick absorbs solder, the desoldering pump pulls it away quick, while the solder wick is better for small amounts of solder, the solder sucker takes up large amounts.
  • 【Widely used Solder Remover】 The Desoldering Wick & Desoldering Pump can be used to correct mistakes with small boards on PCBs, remove relays and other components from printed circuit boards, re-solder mechanical keyboard switches, unsoldering old wire from devices, desoldering computer parts such as a motherboard,clean alloy on smd components and more.
Bestseller No. 3
Vampire Tools VT-001-SS World's Best Solder Sucker Compact and Durable Aluminum Body/Heat Resistance Silicone Nozzle+Spare Silicone Tube, Makes a Best Gift must have for any de-soldering needs SS-02
  • Innovative Silicone Nozzle allows closer placement to soldering iron tip (therefore better suction & better solder removal.
  • Compact design allows easy one-handed operation. Self-cleaning shaft allows high productivity of continual work without clogging.
  • Withstands direct contact with soldering iron (350C Max).
  • Made in Japan with highest quality construction & components. High-powered.
  • Low maintenance cost, owing to spare tube, only required for replacement.
Bestseller No. 4
Lesnow Solder Sucker Desoldering Pump,Electric Soldering Iron Auxiliary Tool Manual Desoldering Suction Pump,Vacuum Pump Solder Removal Tool (1pcs Desoldering Pumps)
  • 1. Wide range of uses:Desoldering pump is widely used in the electronics and electrical industries, suitable for precision small devices, integrated circuit pins, home appliance repairs, digital repairs, etc., efficient and portable to remove waste tin residue.
  • 2. Ergonomic design: Desolder pump adopts aluminum alloy shell, the operation is not slippery, the grip is comfortable, and the use is convenient.
  • 3. High-quality suction nozzle: Good solvent resistance, lightweight design, easy to carry, suitable for long-term use, and improve work efficiency.
  • 4. Strong suction power: Solder sucker desoldering pump adopts stainless steel push rod, internal spring adopts back pull design, instant suction power is strong.
  • 5. Press lightly and quickly rebound: Desoldering suction pump adopts high-efficiency tin scraping method, which is easy to remove tin debris from the suction nozzle and not easy to block. If you have any product questions, you can contact us at any time.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Teenitor Solder Sucker Desoldering Vacuum Pump Solder Removal Tool 3pcs/Pack
  • Good little solder sucker,have a good bit of suction,you can just hang onto it and use your thumb to reset and suck
  • Simple design allows easy one-handed use,lightweight and compact,suck the solder away easily
  • Very sturdy,will worke good to remove existing solder from a circuit board
  • Heated up the solder pushed the button and bam,all solder sucked up,super easy to use for desoldering
  • A must have excellent solder sucker which fits nicely in your tool box
Bestseller No. 6
VIRALLOY Solder Sucker Tool - No Clog Vacuum Desoldering Pump 6061 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum with Sleek Design, Powerful Vacuum Suction, Heat-Resistant Pointy Nozzle & 8pcs Pre-cut Silicone Tubes
  • ✅ Prevent Clogs: Our desoldering tool doesn't clogs easily even if used to clear large amount of solder
  • ✅ Streamlined: The solder remover tool quickly extracts molten solder and leaves a clean working area
  • ✅ Sturdy: This solder pump is built with premium 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum durability
  • ✅ Self-Cleaning: Pressing plunger cleans the nozzle unit ejecting solder waste from the desolder pump
  • ✅ Convenient: Aluminum solder sucker designed to be easily used with one hand, leaving the other free to manipulate the board or heat source
Bestseller No. 7
FrogBro Desoldering Pump Solder Sucker Solder Removal Tool Powerful Vacuum Suction and Heat-Resistant Nozzle
  • One-handed Solder Sucker:lightweight and compact,plunger is within reach of thumb, ideal for one-hand operation
  • Perfect Structure:Metal body and high pressure vacuum, this desoldering pump can help you suck the solder away effectively. Built-in self-cleaning shaft to prevent clogging
  • High-Quality Materials:Flexible heat resistant silicone nozzle withstands direct contact with soldering iron tip without damage
  • Spare Tubes:Comes with 50 mm spare silicone tube
  • Widely Used: Desoldering pumps can be used to correct small board errors on the PCB, re-soldering and desoldering, removing relays and other components from the printed circuit board, etc. To meet your various soldering needs

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